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Covid-19 Updates



26 April 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has unleashed a devastating impact on human beings and countries worldwide. In India, it has compelled the government to impose a lockdown across country, which is having a growing impact on economy. Resultantly, businesses across the board are struggling to perform their contractual obligations.


In this context, we have attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on contractual rights and obligations in the context of COVID-19. Click here to read the FAQs.



18 April 2020

The Government of India has proposed new measures to protect Indian companies - investments and acquisitions by Chinese entities will now require prior government approval, once the relevant regulations are issued by the Reserve Bank of India.


Click here to read our latest e-Alert in which we discuss key aspects of the proposed changes.



30 March 2020

Recognizing the disruption in the CIRPs caused by the Central Government lockdown, the lockdown period has been excluded from overall CIRP timelines by the NCLAT.

Click here to view an analysis of these exclusions.



23 April 2020

Delhi High Court passed an order using ‘special equities’ to grant ad interim relief: restraining invocation of bank guarantees; and prima facie viewed lockdown on account of COVID-19 as a ‘force majeure’ event.

Click here to read a C&M e-Alert on the order passed by Delhi High Court.



17 April 2020

On 17 April 2020, the RBI Governor announced certain additional measures (i.e. Liquidity Management and Regulatory Measures) based on RBI's continuing assessment of the macroeconomic situation and financial market conditions, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Click here to view our latest e-Alert in which we discuss the measures announced by the RBI.



28 March 2020

Regulatory relaxations for the companies due to the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Click here to view our latest e-Alert for the relaxations and updates, extended to the companies by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Reserve Bank of India, and Ministry of Labour and Employment.



18 April 2020

While the world is facing and fighting one of the most catastrophic pandemics ever seen, the Government, at both Central and State Levels, has issued various Notifications/Advisories/ Orders on how employees are to be treated by their employers with respect to payment of wage, leaves etc., during the lock-down period.

Click here for answers to certain queries which may have arisen in the minds of all such employers.



16 April 2020

Recently, the MCA issued circulars to the companies requesting companies to take all decisions of urgent nature requiring approval of members, other than items of ordinary business, through mechanism of postal ballot/ e-voting in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, without requiring the physical presence of members at a common venue, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to read our latest e-Alert in which we discuss some key aspects of the circulars.